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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
5:50 pm
sorry kids. new username, new journal.


add me I'll add you and we can be happy fer now

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
10:20 pm - bitch
huuuuuh. Sometime this week I'm getting a new journal.

tomorrow I'm going to fail so bad in english fer my presentation.

I'm really tired. Next weekend I want to go see the spongebob movie.

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11:01 am - temples of desiiiireee
Mad Runt was super fun. scrabble and yeast and pooter.

few people actually showed up. but much fun was had.

Shhiiiit... my launch cast radio is making me super happy. ASF then The Bolshoi now christian death. so much goood musak.

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
10:33 pm
Mad Runt was super fun. scrabble and yeast and pooter.

few people actually showed up. but much fun was had.

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9:30 am
bah. need to clean and sew.

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
8:46 pm

Today was good. Evil oven from hell. ahahah. assbag.

ummm going to mad runt tomorrow. Mom's taking me up to norfolk around 6;30 and I think ashley is giving me a ride home.

aha. And I get to sleep tonight!!!!

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Saturday, November 13th, 2004
9:36 pm
hmmmm life is lame. I need to take new picturs for my random internet needs. but I won't because I'm lazy. I'm going to call dana and eat her brains because I have no life.

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12:45 pm
Good week. I love sculpture and all the hugging at school and GSA. next week will be better. I've finally recovered from The Great Election Depression. Met a boy named Tim yesterday. I've decided I really must get back into modifying my jackets. How does duct tape sound to you? I keep having a recurring dream where I find some leapard print china flat shoes and they make me think of people at GSA. haha GSA owns my soul.

yesterday I was really down so I cancelled my first friday out in a long time. Went to bed around 8, watched a movie at 4 am, slept until noon. I'm rested but still super worried about my locker at school because it has all my B day class stuff and my planner and I can't get it open. so my plight is in the hands of the system now.

Looking for a poem for english class. I want to use a song but I haven't had much luck.

I stole a french kiss from a blind girl.

Or atleast I wish I did.

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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
7:50 pm
I like the idea of magazines in piles that cater perfectly to my own little interests. Which is funny because I get interested in things, typically, completely by chance. Like today I read about circus sideshow banners and girls with autism. Both are interesting.

Today I was thinking about how I never listen to music or dress up any more. I wish I was one of the fashomably skinny sorts. I always hate it when skinny people don't dress themselves fantastically. If I were that thin I'd make a specticle of myself you know.

But I have to be all conservative from the waist up because I'm FAT.

ahahahaha cruel world.

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4:50 pm
:/ I need to lose weight.

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
8:13 pm
:) waiting fer bleach to soak, waiting fer bleach to soak...

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Monday, October 25th, 2004
10:03 pm
I just figured out my makeup for ze zombie costume.

Very very awesome.

Friday I'll be in full costume, but I'll only add the blood to my makeup at GSA.

Sunday night I'm thinking I'm trick or treating with brianna?

Zombie Checklist:

- black eyeliner, mascara, foundation, normal crap DONE
- watercolor paint for skin coloring DONE
- white face paint
- supplies fer fake wounds. DONE

- Shredded white stained and bleached skirt --- I have the skirt, I just need to do the alteration
- Black bleached and stained tanktop -- Ack, I still need to get this. :/ I might just patch one together.
- tons of fishnet shirt type things -- DONE
- Rubber rat to perch on my shoulder -- DONE

- fake spiderwebs to rat into my hair
- fake spiders DONE
- green hairspray DONE

I have a ton of stuff to do. I'm busting out the sewing machine tomorrow and doing a bunch of staining and such on wednesday. Hair on wednesday and thursday. Rad rad rad rad.

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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
9:14 pm
Plus plus goodwill was nice. I got a black and red striped sweater I'm going to mutilate and make into some sort of thing, a white skirt with a huge huge huge elastic wasteband which I love, a dome studded belt, and a black and white striped tshirt which makes me look huge so I'll save it until I lose wieght.

PS ANYONE AT GSA/VIRGINIA BEACH: Do you know if anyone/you/whatever would be willing to shave the sides and back of my head fer me? The more I think about it the more a bathawk appeals to me. mmmmmmdeathrock.

Best friends:
XDanaofd00m: we don't talk enough anymore
xdeathbydrowning: can I call you after 9 tomorrow?
XDanaofd00m: yeah, I'll be just getting out of band
XDanaofd00m: I'll be sure to bring my phone
xdeathbydrowning: k
XDanaofd00m: but call me at exactly nine
xdeathbydrowning: kk
XDanaofd00m: and if I don't answer don't worry, I'll call you back
xdeathbydrowning: <3 much love
XDanaofd00m: sorry I got pissed at you
xdeathbydrowning: XD
XDanaofd00m: on friday
xdeathbydrowning: I know I'm an ass
XDanaofd00m: yeah, but I still love you
XDanaofd00m: bye
xdeathbydrowning: :P
xdeathbydrowning: bye bye
XDanaofd00m signed off at 9:14:37 PM.

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10:49 am
Hmmmm we're going to good will in about an hour. My right tear duct hurts.

When I get home I'll clean and then I'll do art and work on my costume.

This week I'm going to get lots of work done

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
8:11 pm
God I hate being home. I want to be out with people and love and be loved. I want to be new. I want to call and be called and have somewhere to go. But I have some things but not others. And I always say the wrong things.

Going out to dinner with the family is immensly depressing.

I might call dana, but I'm afraid I'd hurt her feelings and talk to much of my own.

If yer reading this leave yer cell phone number. anyone because weekends make me really sad.

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
9:15 pm
Got up late today. First bell was a blur of German and second was drawing rats and talking to nick about techno music. Math went by really fast and I'm getting better with school.

Art History was a movie. Drawing sucked. Susan didn't seem at all to care when I pointed out I might die before college. Robin mary and I sat in the bathroom and we talked about lots of stuff.

Tomorrow mom is taking me to good will. <3 <3

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004
7:20 pm
stuff to do to get my school stuff in order:

*organize math and science binders
*make german flashcards
*get a bunch of bright pink index cards.
*keep up my sketchbook with notes, dates, info, and art. Because things go better with art (like today in english I made pretty notes in my sketchbook.)
*keep up my art history notebook.
*only sleep in world history and science when chris isn't sleepinmg.

stuff to do before halloween:
*figure out where I'm going and with who (ummm I think so far i've talked to brianna and linda but I think I'll go with brianna and we'll walk to get coffee afterwards.
*make 8-horned spider headpiece.
*make raggedy miniskirt
*raggedy corset top
*shredded over dress

stuff for tonight:

*surrealism painting.

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7:02 pm

Today was fun.

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
6:30 pm
And by the way today in PE a girl asks me if I know this other girl (I think her name started with a B, I've got a bad memory.) and I said no and she said well she told me to say hi and that she thought I was hot. that kinda made my day.


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6:24 pm
dhksfhkdfhd I feel much better today.

Man I need to get stuff together. Homework.

Planning for halloween, I've got me choices. a party or trick or treatingor hanging out. Ummmm I dunno. Going thrifting this weekend is sooo going to carry me through the week.

I need to get a plan together for what I can do for painting class. something with lots of texture.

Writing for german tonight + math homework and maybe I have to do some science tomorrow morning. Tonight I'll paint my nails and get some sdo chores and make a list of all the chores I do so I can maybe get paid extra allowance so I can do my costume.

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